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Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Fungal Nail Infection treatment by Laser Express Beauty (, 58 Bolton Street Dublin 1. Ph: (01) 8726900.

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Course of 2 Treatments: €100 in total (normal price €220 per session).

What Causes A Fungal Nail Infection?

Fungal Nail Infections (Onychomycosis) is where a toe nail becomes thickened and discoloured (the nail can turn white, black or yellow) due to a fungal infection in the toenail (a fungal toenail). Fungal nails look unsightly but are usually pain free. Left untreated a fungal nail infection can spread to other nails and lead to other foot problems.

Fungal Nail Treatment ­ How Does It Cure A Fungal Nail Infection?

Fungal Nail treatment consists of laser therapy which can be a particularly effective fungal nail infection cure. Laser Express Beauty uses the long pulse laser (Nd:YAG laser) which heats the nail, bed and surrounding tissue to 40 degress centigrade by issuing approximately 600 shots of pulsed laser. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the nail fungus and the laser heats up the fungus.

What Actions Should The Client Take?

Before the session: Clients must trim their nails before the appointment to ensure the lasers have optimal effect.

After the session: After care is as important as the treatment itself, clients should immediately discard any socks they had and avoid dampness in the area.

How Long Does a Fungal Nail Laser Treatment Take?

The laser treatment takes ten ­ fifteen minutes per foot depending on the extent of the fungal nail infection. The surrounding toe tissue and nail bed are left unharmed.

Fungal Nail Infection: How Many Sessions Would be Required?

Clients with fungus present less than 10 years would expect the toenail fungal infection treatment to work with 3 ­ 4 sessions.

Who Is Not Eligible for This Treatment?

Not suitable if pregnant, breastfeeding or anyone with the following: heart conditions, epilepsy, HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis C, Haemophilia. Also not suitable for Diabetics.